Small Bedroom Renovation Ideas For Apartments

Decorating small apartment bedrooms can be little problematic. Having a large size bed in the mid of room along one wall can cut down, at least, two feet of space on both sides of the bed. Having twin bed can also limit your space for other furniture items. However, you can still beautifully decorate your small bedroom in new haven apartments with creative space saving options.

When it comes to arranging furniture in small bedroom space in your apartments new haven CT, you need to show your skills and creativity. Even your small bedroom looks bigger and attractive if you arrange the furniture in the right manner. Set a twin bed against the long side of wall and stack pillows at the back to make a sleeping space. You can use it as a couch for the seating area in the day time. Don’t be scared to setup furniture in front of the windows. Place the bed below the window in a way that the window becomes a decorative headboard. You can make more closet space by putting shelves and a dresser inside. If the dresser is deeper than the closet, take out the closet doors and swap them with colorful curtains.

When floor space isn’t enough, you can put storage space on the walls. Mount reclaimed bathroom or kitchen cabinets on the wall over a nightstand to increase your storage capacity. Use bright colors to paint the cabinets so that you can make them act as beautiful decorative pieces. Stack hooks at the back of the door or on the walls for more hanging space. Hooks are great for robes, bags, hats, towels and jewelry. For decorative items like a collection of puffy animals, put a thin, long shelf along the full length of the wall. The shelf must be a foot or two feet away from the ceiling. You can easily arrange your decorative pieces and other items on the shelf.

Paint is the key for the interior of any place. Take very good care of color and pattern for your bedroom decoration. Vertical stripes are best for giving your small bedroom some sense of bigger and open space. Use striped breadboard, wallpaper or hand-painted vertical stripes on bedrooms’ walls. Lighter colors tend to make any space look bigger. So you should also use light colors to make your room look larger. But make sure that you paint a single wall in a particularly bold or dark shade to make an accent and to give depth to the room. Work with a simple color scheme so that the room doesn’t become overwhelming or look too busy. Use different shades of one color to make your room an ideal place. There are many home improvement stores that provide you a paint sample. Get advantage of them and try maximum possible shades of a single color to come up with the right choice for decorating your bedroom in CT apartment rentals perfectly.