How You Should Divide Your Studio Apartment Properly?

Studio apartments new haven ct, alternately known as efficiency apartments, usually have a big room that you use for living, dining and sleeping. The only bathroom is the room that is constructed separately in these apartments. When you define specific living areas in these apartments, they start looking more livable and attractive. Whether you use actual dividers or furniture placement for dividing the space, some creative options are given here that you can use for diving your studio rentals.

The first thing that you can do in this regard is using bookcases for separating your living area and sleeping space. Bookcases that have closed backs tend to offer more privacy. The shelving units that have open backs let light enter all the spaces and create space illusion.

Another option for you is to make use of folding screens for dividing spaces in your small apartments new haven. You can easily move these screens for creating different spaces in your apartment as you may like. Furthermore, you can simply store these screens away whenever you want to create a space that is more entertaining. It is, however, important that you use different colors of paints in dining and sleeping areas of your apartment. It simply helps you to define these spaces without the need of adding any extra furniture pieces.

Solid rugs in different colors are always a good investment for such apartments. One of them can be placed in your living area while the other can be used to sleeping space. Colors are the source of drawing the eye to both the spaces creating an illusion of the separate rooms.

The furniture that you place in the living area of your studio apartments in new haven should be grouped away from walls, and it should be placed around some focal point such as an entertainment center or fireplace. This type of grouping can clearly define your living area as the flow of traffic is moved to edges instead of getting straight through. This leads to the creation of virtual hallways which make you feel you have a bigger space.

It is also advised to hang curtains, fabric panels or bamboo blinds from ceiling to create virtual walls in the apartment. If possible, make use of tension rod for hanging curtains. But if that is not possible then you can hang a couple of hooks from a ceiling and utilize fancy rod or wooden dowel for hanging them.

Installation of panel track is also a good option as you can hang the rice-paper screens with it. These screens have a tendency of diffusing light and providing you with a space that is defined clearly.

Mirrors should be used on opposite walls for increasing light and making space look more spacious. However, it is advised that renters should check with the landlord and see if they allow them for painting the walls or attaching anything to them.